Community Service Days

The Girls for the Last Girl team was granted an amazing opportunity to lead two days of workshops for their school’s Community Service Days. Students were led to different workshops that were each represented by a different organization. And with its lifespan of only a few months, Girls for the Last Girl was offered a space to get their word out.

Lucie, Holly, Maemae, and I solely lead the classes, creating a forum in which we could both explain our mission, and respond to those interested. In the workshops, we introduced our mission statement, explained the UN Millennial Development Goals and the Delhi Center for the Last Girl, outlined who the “Last Girl” is (aided by a Nike video:, showed the students a PBS newscast documenting two rescue raids led by Ruchira, and spent the rest of the classes writing letters to send to the Delhi Center.

The students made over 50 letters with drawings and personal sentiments to the girls they had never met. Most attached a picture of themselves (that we took) holding their letters, to ensure the readers that there was a person behind these words. Upon reading them, we were shocked with the beautiful and creative things they had said and drawn. So inspired were we by the overwhelming support, it was decided that we would work to carry out the letter-writing through the year.

At the end of the Community Service Days, the administration held a student-run council that allowed the participants and leaders to voice their opinions and recollections of the past two days. We were amazed to discover such positive feedback from the students that came to our workshops. Many students recalled that they had been unaware of the lengths to which sex-trafficking reached, and that simply being of a low-caste made you vulnerable to its talons. Others said that they were encouraged by their own budding ability to be a part of something new, led and created by and for kids their age.

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