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Ruchira and Girls for the Last GirlThis past Sunday (October 11, 2015), the Girls for the Last Girl team (and their ever-supportive mothers) met up with Ruchira before her departure from Los Angeles. The goal of the meeting was to discuss and arrange upcoming projects, as well as to brainstorm new, effective outreach strategies.

By the end of the meeting, we had outlined a logistical procedure surrounding our upcoming short-film (details to come!), produced two new ideas for raising awareness, debuted our mock-up website, and created a lesson-plan for the upcoming workshops we would be leading. Amongst all of this planning, there was a contagious excitement about the room. Everyone present was eager to work, bonded by a commitment to service, being continuously inspired and humbled by our own superhero in the next chair over.

At the end of the meeting, Ruchira shared with us a story about an 11 year-old girl living in California, by the name of Vivienne Harr. Vivienne, at the age of 8, saw a picture of two young boys from Nepal carrying large bricks upon their back, and she quickly learned that they were child-slaves. Her response was to set up a lemonade stand to end child-slavery, and vowed that she would keep it up the entire year until she reached a goal of 100,000 dollars. By way of the media, she quickly reached her goal, and went on to create a lemonade-drink company that donates 5% of revenue to various charities challenging child-slavery.

I think the telling of this story really changed the way we all felt about our goals for the organization. The knowledge that such a young, inexperienced person could have such a massive impact on the world, by the sheer force of her will, was very uplifting. Ruchira told us about many moments in her years of work that she felt discouraged and overwhelmed by all of her obstacles, and this story, for us, proved that obstacles can be overcome. This mentality is one we hope to carry, through all of our undertakings for Girls for the Last Girl.

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