This past Thursday, Girls for the Last Girl had the incredible opportunity to speak at the first Apne Aap benefit. We got to speak alongside amazing abolitionists including, Gloria Steinem, Mona Sinha, Ashley Judd and Dorchen Leidholdt. It was such an amazing opportunity to speak on behalf of the Last […]

Speaking at the first Apne Aap Benefit

On Monday June 5th, the Girls for the Last Girl team hosted our first oral storytelling event at Crossroads School! This was a long-anticipated event that was organized as the first of many efforts to devote attention to raising awareness in our local Los Angeles sphere. Loosely based on the […]

“In Her Shoes” Oral Storytelling Event

On Thursday, May 18th, the Girls for the Last Girl team were lucky enough to attend Cast’s 19th annual From Slavery to Freedom Gala. Cast is the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking, a nonprofit organization that works to end modern slavery through education, advocacy, and empowering survivors. The Gala’s […]

From Slavery to Freedom Gala

Hi Everyone, this week we had an incredible opportunity to do a fun activity during Juvenile Justice week at our school! We were so grateful to contribute to an incredibly inspiring week. At lunch the girls and boys from the Girls For The Last Girl club at Crossroads set up […]

Pen Pals!!!

On January 21st, the Girls for the Last Girl team and countless other American citizens participated in the largest protest in United States history: The Women’s March. It is no secret that the Trump administration poses a great threat to the equality, representation, and liberty shared among genders, races, sexualities, […]

Women’s March

This past Sunday, the 11th, the Girls for the Last Girl team held a screening in the Hollywood Hills for our first original video campaign, created by our very own Maemae Dylan. The short movie interviews both girls in Los Angeles and girls who belong to Apne Aap shelters in […]

Movie Screening

On Saturday, October 15th, Visionary Women, a non-profit that supports and inspires women to reach their full potential, invited the Girls for the Last Girl team to speak at their event, presenting us with a generous grant. Maemae Dylan and Holly Konner played a new, original short film (discussed in […]

Visionary Women Event

We are very excited to announce the completion of our first Girls for the Last Girl short film, executed and directed by our very own Maemae Dylan! Maemae began this project after consulting with an Indian cinematographer named Ranjan Palit. Her idea was to construct a video that highlighted circumstance, […]

Short Film

On April 11th, at the Reiss household, we were able to hold an intimate celebration for Ruchira Gupta’s new book: River of Flesh and Other Stories: The Prostituted Woman in Indian Short Fiction. With Ruchira as our special-guest, we served dinner, sold books, and were read-aloud passages from the book […]

Book Party

The team is so excited that we were finally able to bring Ruchira Gupta to Crossroads! On April 11th, she lead a mini-seminar that traced back her career, and highlighted her achievements and experiences in fighting the sex-trade. The talk was open to any Crossroads-High-School student, and we were thrilled […]

Ruchira Comes to Crossroads