Book Party

On April 11th, at the Reiss household, we were able to hold an intimate celebration for Ruchira Gupta’s new book: River of Flesh and Other Stories: The Prostituted Woman in Indian Short Fiction. With Ruchira as our special-guest, we served dinner, sold books, and were read-aloud passages from the book by Holly Konner and Rosanna Arquette (thanks guys!). Overall, we managed to raise 1,000 dollars, selling over 50 books.

(You can order the book off of Amazon, iBooks, etc. or find it in the bookstore.)

‘Across regions, religions, and fourteen languages, these stories uniformly reveal the entrenched inequalities that force women into prostitution, their desire to liberate themselves, the demoralizing conditions that they are forced to endure and the remarkable strength with which they transcend their exploitation—sometimes through death and murder and sometimes through hope and fortitude.’—Gloria Steinem