International WOMENS Day!!! (we run the world)

Last week we celebrated International Woman’s day. Here at Girls for the Last Girl we believe that we should celebrate women with the same spirit everyday but we took advantage of the positive mindsets and empowering vibes. We went around our school and asked our teachers and peers to sign a pledge that was posted on <>, a great website that keeps readers updated on ways to get involved in their community in the hopes to end poverty. The pledge that we asked them to sign stated the following. “You wouldn’t be where you are today without an education – and it’s in your power RIGHT NOW to help these girls get access to an education. If you care, ACT. Add your name to our letter, and we’ll deliver it in-person to leaders all across the globe this International Women’s Day, March 8th.” We were able to get over 50 people to sign and we hope that we can continue to get more! LETS STAND UP!!!! LET US BE THE WOMEN WE WISH TO BE!