Movie Screening

This past Sunday, the 11th, the Girls for the Last Girl team held a screening in the Hollywood Hills for our first original video campaign, created by our very own Maemae Dylan. The short movie interviews both girls in Los Angeles and girls who belong to Apne Aap shelters in New Delhi, asking them questions that range from “What’s your morning routine?” to “What are your dreams?” The video aims to highlight parallels between all young women, while also addressing the divergences of circumstance. About the movie, Maemae says, “It’s important to show people the faces and realities of the girls on both sides of our agenda.”

While guests were watching the video, the team was hosting a small holiday sale consisting of bath salts, candles, pajamas, bracelets, and aprons. We would like to thank Hannah Skvarla of Little Market, a nonprofit and online trade shop, for providing us with the candles and bath salts. Little Market’s products are hand-made by female artisans from around the world. The candles we sold were made by Prosperity Candle, “a social enterprise based in the United States that invests in women entrepreneurs to help end poverty.” These candles allow women to secure a steady income using local materials, and out of the safety of their own homes.

We would also like to thank Lisa Battan of Ya Living, an online lifestyle shop, for providing us with the beautiful pajama pants! Ya Living travels the world, working with local artisans and designers to create unique products perfected over centuries.

Another HUGE thanks to Hannah Skvarla and Lisa Battan, from Little Market and Ya Living, respectively. Our event would have been impossible without your great generosity! Find their websites here:

And thank you to Susan Traylor, our hostess, and all of the amazing guests who continue to support our endeavors!