Ruchira Comes to Crossroads

The team is so excited that we were finally able to bring Ruchira Gupta to Crossroads! On April 11th, she lead a mini-seminar that traced back her career, and highlighted her achievements and experiences in fighting the sex-trade. The talk was open to any Crossroads-High-School student, and we were thrilled about the turnout. Ruchira began her speech by telling the audience to close their eyes and imagine the living-conditions of a girl in a brothel that she proceeded to describe. Once the audience was instructed to open their eyes, their minds and ears had been opened too. Many students approached us afterwards, agreeing that this part of the seminar had helped them to reach a higher understanding of the issue, and brought light to the industry’s harsh realities.

Ruchira was also able to visit a few 12th grade classes and speak to the soon-to-be-graduates about the work she does, and the women she advocates for.