“In Her Shoes” Oral Storytelling Event

On Monday June 5th, the Girls for the Last Girl team hosted our first oral storytelling event at Crossroads School! This was a long-anticipated event that was organized as the first of many efforts to devote attention to raising awareness in our local Los Angeles sphere. Loosely based on the MOTH, this event outsourced material from willing students who wrote/presented pieces under the theme “In Her Shoes.” Designed for female empowerment, this theme was constructed to include speakers of all genders and stories of all lengths and tones.

Many students spoke about women in their lives who inspired or motivated them, and other female students spoke about their own experiences. One standout speaker was Mia Gleiberman (pictured), who wrote about a harassment she endured on public transportation. The piece touched on the danger that many girls face by just getting out of bed in the morning, and our requirement to be ever cautious when we are alone.

The Girls for the Last Girl team is so grateful to Crossroads School for hosting the event, the student volunteers who wrote and delivered inspiring pieces, and everyone else that helped us put the event on. We hope that this is the first of many oral storytelling affairs to mobilize and inspire young people in our district.