Speaking at the first Apne Aap Benefit

This past Thursday, Girls for the Last Girl had the incredible opportunity to speak at the first Apne Aap benefit. We got to speak alongside amazing abolitionists including, Gloria Steinem, Mona Sinha, Ashley Judd and Dorchen Leidholdt. It was such an amazing opportunity to speak on behalf of the Last Girl at this incredible event. It has been such an incredable journey and we have come so far on our mission. On Thursday we launched our petition, appealing to the United Nations to make sure they elevate target 5.2 of the sustainable development goals so that by 2030 no more girls will be sold into sex slavery. Together, we can end sexual violence and exploitation. Please sign our petition on behalf of the last girl everywhere. And thank you to Gloria Steinem, Mona Sinha, Ashley Judd and Dorchen Leidholdt for inspiring us everyday!!


Please sign our petition, we are trying to reach 10,000 signatures!!!!!!