Who We Are




Lucie Goldman ReissA senior at Crossroads School in Santa Monica, Lucie discovered her passion for service when she met a group of Tanzanian orphans who visited her school in 2009. With her family she has had the good fortune to visit many grass-roots projects supporting orphans and vulnerable children around the world, including projects in Mexico, rural Cambodia, Tanzania and Kenya. She met Ruchira Gupta at the Go Gala in 2013 and knew immediately she wanted to help girls in India. Lucie is an actress and singer and member of Crossroads Conservatory. Lucie is also a Listener at Teenline, a crisis hotline for peer to peer support. You can find her at Fabuluc.com


Holly KonnerHolly Konner is a senior at Crossroads School in Santa Monica. She plays basketball, runs cross-country and loves to dance. Another passion of Holly’s is traveling the developing world. She started doing community service with her family when she was 9 years old and has been hooked ever since. Holly got involved with Aapne App when she had the incredible opportunity to present Ruchira Gupta with an award and hear about her inspiring work.


Maemae DylanMaemae Dylan is a senior at Crossroads School in Santa Monica. She spends her time playing tennis and taking photographs. Maemae decided to get involved in community service after traveling and meeting girls who reminded her of herself, but whose opportunities and situations were so limited compared to her own. She wanted to join with her friends to start an organization that would bring some of the opportunities she’s been given to other girls around the world.


Addie GruszynskiAddie Gruszynski is a senior at Crossroads School in Santa Monica. Her passions for writing and travel and the example of strong women in her life have shaped her determination to reach out to girls in other countries who are denied education, dignity and self-determinism. She believes girls have the power to change the world, and hopes one day to be as fearless as Ruchira Gupta.







Priyanka Voruganti is a sophomore at Horace Mann High School in New York, Priyanka discovered her passion for social justice through acting in feminist plays SLUT: The Play and A Day In The Life. Through important messages like ending rape culture and ending the slavery of women and girls, Priyanka found a way to advocate for change through theater. She spent the summer of 2017 in India interning for Apne Aap and running a workshop to teach Apne Aap girls how to be empowered through drama. Priyanka is a writer, actress, and singer.